A lovely note after a Zoom class to Canada and England –
Barbara: Thank you so much for the session this afternoon. The family really enjoyed it. They all said they felt so relaxed at the end! Great appreciation for your microphone as your voice was very clear; lighting excellent. They liked your format of reviewing the modified postures before going into flow, and your explanations. Brava!
Thank you again
Yogaworx – International!

I LOVE your class. You are so encouraging and non-judgmental. I have been taking yoga since 1980 but hadn’t been in a class for a couple of years because, after my original teacher, none of the teachers I tried would take seriously the chemicals-in-perfume issue. 

I have done a lot of inner work over the years, and it has come to a beautiful fruition in your classes because I am able to more fully focus, be in my body, and in the moment.
At 77, I am gaining strength and tentatively developing balance. You are one of the gifts of my cronehood.
Susan B.

I attended your yoga class and meditation course around 2005. I stopped attending classes when I decided to move to Colorado to live in an ashram. I remember when I told you, you said, “That will be intense!” And I didn’t quite understand until I got there 🙂

I ended up staying at the ashram for several years and getting my teaching credentials. I lived in CO for 10 years and recently moved back to Indiana. Since I’ve returned, I keep thinking about how fortunate I was to have found your classes at that time of transition. It was such a tender time for me and your teaching made a huge impact on my life. It really supported me in moving towards a more conscious life. I just wanted to let you know how much your classes meant to me. I hope this finds you well.

Namaste, K. F.

From IUPUI STUDENTS regarding a presentation in 2016

“Barbara was awesome. I loved her energy. I liked doing some actual breathing techniques. Thumbs up. Definitely bring her back for your other classes. She did an amazing job. She actually made me want to start taking yoga classes and I’m actually going to look into some very soon. I definitely need to be more relaxed.”

“I enjoyed Barbara’s presentation today because she was very enthusiastic and outgoing! She definitely seems to have a great knowledge when it comes to the practice of yoga! Also, I really appreciated her honesty when she answered the questions.”

“You could tell that she is used to teaching because she was able to present very well and also actually taught us something during her presentation today. She’s straight forward and honest about what she teaches which is also great. I think she is definitely a good person to come in and talk to the class, because she really intrigues you about yoga.”

“I have tried five or six other yoga studios in Indianapolis, but I immediately knew I had found my yoga home when I discovered YOGAworx. Owner Barbara is a warm and caring teacher who helps everyone feel welcomed and part of the community. She offers just enough background information on poses or breathing techniques to provide context without taking too much time away from the actual practice.

For anyone who is afraid of how you look in exercise clothing or that you’re not “good enough” at yoga, fear not–all ages, body types, and abilities are represented here. Modifications and alternatives are provided for those who are not able to move with the rest of the group, so there’s no pressure on “keeping up” or overextending past one’s abilities.

YOGAworx occupies a small studio in a church that Barbara has been allowed to personalize, so it has a cozy and intimate feel. It’s a really good value for the money, and if you have to miss a class there are several others during the week to choose from for a make-up.

I’m really happy I found YOGAworx and would recommend for anyone–even complete beginners, or those with limitations.”

“Thank you for being there every week to guide us and help us find our “inner place.” You’re a life saver!”

“Your instruction and advice added so much positivity to my life in so many ways. Thanks for everything.”

“I highly recommend Barbara and her yoga classes!

I’ve completed six half-marathons since 2004, and I have always had a lower back pain after long training sessions that made it difficult to sit or bend to untie my shoes.

This year I added yoga to my training. I was a sporadic student of Barbara’s since 2008, however in 2012, I became quite diligent in my practice.

There are numerous poses and movements for the lower back that are incorporated in our yoga practice. The stronger and more limber my lower back was, the better my balance became with less chance of falling with serious injury. I knew my lower back was getting stronger, and I knew I was better able to get into a meditative state of “being the breath.”

Upon finishing the Mini Marathon, I realized it wasn’t that bad and not as grueling it was in previous years. I was expecting my back to “fight me,” but there was no pain!

Thank you YOGAworx, and thank you Barbara! The unsupported cobra variations, locust variations, upward facing dog, and a multitude of other poses really helped this half marathon journey be positive and “in the breath.”
– Tracy

“After injuries sustained from a fall, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress I had with traditional western medicine. I agreed to try yoga with a friend and my recovery has been incredible! I have recovered full range of motion and am now pain free thanks to Barbara Kennedy and yoga.”
Kim Duffy, Clinical Psychologist

“Clients referred to Barbara Kennedy’s yoga classes have reported benefits in reducing and managing anxiety and depression. Barbara is an excellent teacher who has great skill in making yoga practice accessible to all.”
Finlay Grier, Clinical Psychologist

“A friend suggested yoga might help my back pain and stiffness. She recommended Barbara Kennedy and YOGAworx. Every one of Barbara’s YOGAworx sessions is a new yoga experience. She focuses on a different area of the body, different aspects of yoga, relaxation techniques and breathing techniques. I’ve quit my chiropractor and feel better than ever before.”
Sylvia L.

“Barbara provides such a nurturing space in her YOGAworx classes. Her students stay with her because she possesses such a beautiful, peaceful energy in her teaching. She is an amazing yoga instructor with a vast amount of knowledge to share. We are all very blessed.”
Jeananne L.

“I know it’s a cliché, but  YOGAworx changed my life. By the end of my first 8-week session with Barbara, I had quit smoking. And that is only the first of innumerable positive contributions this class has made in my life.  YOGAworx is great for the body, even better for your soul.”
Jon K.

“Barbara’s classes are enlightened, spiritual, and fun. She instructs in an easy, direct way that reveals the practical benefits of yoga along with its more esoteric dimensions. She teaches the practice of yoga as a way to prepare the mind for meditation. Her students learn to listen to their bodies. She taught me not to judge my body’s limitations, and with acceptance began improvement. That’s been pivotal.”
David Y.


“Thank you so much for the yoga classes that are provided by MSDWT for employees.  I have been attending this class for at least 6 years and look forward to it every week.  I know by taking this class that I am much stronger and more flexible than I was prior to the class.  It is a great stress reliever – a must for a middle school orchestra teacher.”
Corinne I.

“I have been practicing Yoga once a week with Barbara Kennedy for nearly three years.  Since beginning this routine, I have not been ill once, not even with a cold!  As a teacher, I have been exposed to all kinds of illnesses, but I have stayed healthy.  Also, I have always been plagued with chronic back problems and had been seeing chiropractors on a regular basis for about fifteen years.  Since practicing Yoga, I have not needed a chiropractor, and my back and neck problems are mostly history!  I have not changed anything else in my life, so all of this has to be because of Yoga.  I knew it would be beneficial emotionally and spiritually, but I really did not expect the boost to my immune system or the benefits to my back!  Yoga is one of the best things in which I have ever become involved.  I recommend it to everyone!”
Jeanie M.

“I just wanted to say thank you for another great opportunity to take yoga after school on Thursdays this past year. It was wonderful to have access to the relaxing and strengthening exercises. We teachers greatly need and benefit from this. Barbara Kennedy is the teacher’s teacher – she has the best step-by-step pedagogy that makes some difficult moves easy to understand and rewarding to accomplish. Thanks so much for offering this valuable class to teachers. We appreciate it.”
Elisabeth O.

“I have gained a calm inner sense of being which is also visble to people from the outside.  My students always comment on how calm I am and that it helps them feel the same.”
 Traci R.

“Excellent teacher. Barbara knows her subject. She is always positive, supportive and helpful.”

“She is highly regarded and makes a substantial positive contribution here in our township schools.”


“I love Friday yoga classes.  I can go in with a headache and come out with it gone.  It can totally unwind those knots in your shoulders and hips!  Barbara is one super instructor, always keeping it new and different.  Wish I could do it every day over lunch because I’m so aligned  (mind, body, soul) by the end of it that it’s difficult to get me off my center the rest of the day.”
Linda F.

“Yoga has helped me with low back pain.  I used to be very stiff and straight in my lower back, and by practicing yoga, my lower back has become stronger and more flexible.  I have been taking part in her classes here since she began in 1990 and continue to look forward to each weekly session.  In addition to the physical benefits, it is relaxing a great stress-reliever.”
Sarah E.

“Friday yoga has brought new skills and improvements to many aspects of my life, one of those is much better balance. I find that it helps with snow skiing and other sports I enjoy in addition to helping with every day tasks. I use the deep breathing techniques at night whenever I have trouble getting to sleep. As a runner, the yoga stretches have helped me loosen tight muscles.”
Terri E.