The Class

Benefits of Yoga

We CAN get better as we age, and yoga develops strength both on and off the mat. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Barbara helps students of all ages, fitness levels, and lifestyles to feel both energized and relaxed. She combines classical yoga instruction, Foundation by Dr. Eric Goodman, The Five Tibetan Rites, meditation, and pranayama.

All students of any level are welcome. Beginners will be given the guidance they need, while experienced students will be offered a more challenging practice. Classes include the philosophy and science of yoga, pranayama (breathing practices), and mindfulness.

Barbara Kennedy’s relaxed approach to yoga creates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Smaller classes allow Barbara to help everyone participate according to their comfortable capacity. Students enjoy a sense of community and support with Barbara and each other.

Six months of regularly practicing yoga has demonstrated the following effects and benefits:

  • Strengthened the immune system
  • Enhanced stress management
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Reduced body weight over time
  • Helped manage blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Assisted metabolism
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Reduced body weight
  • Improved management of blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Enhanced cardiovascular health

Reduce Additional Stress through Private Yoga & Special Sessions

Below are additional offerings for your yoga practice.

Private Yoga – Barbara will meet with you to develop a personalized yoga practice. Postures will be adapted to suit your needs. You will receive written notes as well as printed materials, as available. Private yoga meets at the YOGAworx studio. Individual fee: $65 for one hour.

Additional Classes – If the current class times do not fit in your schedule, Barbara will add a class with a minimum commitment of 6 people. So grab your friends/family members and give Barbara a call to schedule your personal 10-week session.

Special Sessions – If you are looking for an activity for a special occasion, consider a yoga class. Barbara will prepare a special session that will work well for a family or a group of friends.

Call Barbara at (317) 546-7650 or email: to schedule your private class or special session.

Props, Protocol, and Zoom

  • Yoga classes, in person and on Zoom, are taught for ages 18 and older. A couple of youth-yoga recommendations can be found here.
  • Classes start promptly and the studio is open. Please arrive about 15 minutes early.
  • Follow the guidelines set by the CDC regarding COVID and other contagious viruses upon entering the building, when leaving the studio, and throughout the building, however, wearing a mask in the studio is your preference. Barbara does not teach wearing a mask.
  • The studio limit is 14 people. When signing up for a session, attending on Zoom is the default (except for Mondays which is Studio only). If you plan to regularly attend classes in person, let Barbara know during registration, and let her know if you are unable to attend a class so that she may open the spot for someone else that day.
  • A yoga mat is required so your feet can grip the floor. There are good mats available in many stores and online as well.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing, bare feet. Layer your clothing to be warm or cool as needed.
  • Grab a strap or an unused necktie. This will help with  some postures (and you can tie it around your mat).
  • Practice on an empty stomach. A snack 2 hours before the class is okay.
  • When in the studio, refrain from wearing perfume, chewing gum, and turn off your cell phone before class begins.

Tips for doing yoga on Zoom

  • In order to be seen and receive instruction, have lights in front or on the side of your video camera.
  • When possible, position your yoga mat “long-ways” or diagonal so that a full view of your movements can be observed.
  • Have props within reach before class starts. This can include your yoga mat, blocks, pillows and blankets, straps or neckties, tennis balls, and maybe something to cover your eyes. Do not be afraid to use the furniture in your home for added stability during the poses.
  • Pets are welcome 😊

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